BSCPad x OCTION (the octopus has sprung out of the crypto ocean)

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Dear readers, on the 24th of March 2021.
BSCPad officially announced that OCTION will be doing an official IDO with them on the 9th of April. This is a dream come true for the entire team of OCTION and initial investors that came on board and worked with us since day 1. This is the start of a beautiful partnership and collaboration that will benefit both early investors and traders alike. Once the IDO is completed, we will be listing on pancake swap for starters.

Twitter links for BSCPad and OCTION

OCTION is the world’s first CeDeFi fully integrated options trading platform that also has future incorporations for other option types like (precious metals and Oil). This options platform will be an ever growing and evolving platform that will provide and allow users to purchase mitigate their risks in a diverse portfolio via options on OCTION platform.

Before understanding the difference between CeDeFi and DeFi, let us first understand the basics in the cryptosphere between CeFi and DeFi. With DeFi, users trusts that the technology will often as proposed to execute on servics being offered. CeFi on the other hand, requires the trust from users due to businesses managing and investing funds on the behalf of them.

Extrapolating from this, CeDeFi is a new and improved hybrid model that acts as a bridge between DeFi and CeFi. It carries the same attribute of immutability in a decentralized nature of blockchain but also has a slight level of centralization. Thus, this allows a greater degree of transaction through-put and therefore is undoubtedly more scalable in nature as compared to DeFi. CeDeFi will inevitably be imbedded into many new projects due to the high efficiency and scalability that CeDeFi possesses.

Please stay tuned in the coming weeks as OCTION will release more information about development of the World’s 1st CeDeFi platform that is constructed on the Binance Smart Chain while also working hand in hand with BSCPad.

In the mean time, please join our other social media platforms too to keep up to date with the latest news and updates on public sales and listing!







Our whitepaper can be found here:



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World’s 1st CeDefi Options Trading Platform built on the Binance Smart Chain