OCTION Announces Strategic Partnership with Exnetwork Capital

Collaboration aims to leverage off potential synergies to drive increased adoption of the OCTION ecosystem.

OCTION, the world’s first CeDeFi options trading platform built on the Binance Smart Chain, aims to create an ecosystem where traders can trade with no middlemen, no centralized organization, lower fees, more option types and zero data or market manipulation. OCTION would allow for options trading through a democratic framework on the Blockchain.

To develop this further, we are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Exnetwork Capital, who compose of an exclusive group of investors, builders, traders, and influencers focused on supporting and advising projects in the crypto and DeFi industry to help ensure their success and mainstream adoption.

OCTION x Exnetwork Capital

In addition to being strategic advisors to help steer OCTION through the everchanging landscape of the Blockchain world, Exnetwork Capital will leverage of their existing network to promote the adoption of the OCTION ecosystem to traders. This will help boost the initial userbase of traders looking to utilize the OCTION Trading Platform, which would in turn drive desirability for Writers to contribute to the liquidity pool and for OCTION token holders to stake their tokens to earn settlement fees from each transaction (part of the premium paid every time an options contract is purchased).

Says Nicholas S., one of the Lead Project Coordinators for OCTION:
“While we strive to develop the options trading platform as soon as possible, another key area of focus for us would be to ensure that there are a sufficient number of traders/users on the platform once it is launched. Our partnership with Exnetwork Capital enables us to cross-collaborate across both community bases, which would inevitably help drive an increase in exposure and adoption on the OCTION ecosystem.”

Join the Exnetwork Capital Community

Exnetwork Capital helps projects realize their potential as an advisor, investor or incubator and has been a leader in the space since 2018. Their portfolio of companies include the likes of FTX Exchange, Orion Protocol, Thorchain, Celsius and Polkastarter.

If you are interested to follow Exnetwork Capital and get in touch with their team members, you can participate and receive timely updates from the following official channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/exnetworkcap
Telegram: https://t.me/exnetworkpublic
Website: http://exnetworkcapital.com/
Community Website: http://exnetwork.community/
Medium: https://medium.com/exnetwork/


As the the world’s first CeDeFi options trading platform built on the Binance Smart Chain, OCTION takes many elements of existing real-world options trading platforms and makes it better. Primarily, this can be distinguished through three layers of comparison.

Later 1 Comparison: Decentralized Options Trading vs Centralized Options Trading Platforms

  1. Being decentralized, OCTION prevents unnecessary disruptions and interventions by a centralized platform. An example includes the recent halt in trading by Robinhood for GameStop shares (NYSE: GME) on 28 January 2021
  2. OCTION ensures zero-time decay to maximize the efficiency of liquidity as all unutilized liquidity is immediately available to underwrite new options contracts and all orders are instantly taken up by Writers (through the liquidity pool)
  3. No market maker is required to provide the liquidity via sitting limit orders as all orders will be taken up against the liquidity pool
  4. Lower commissions compared to full-service brokers

Layer 2 Comparison: OCTION vs Other Binance Smart Chain Options Trading Platforms

  1. OCTION will offer options on an array of cryptocurrencies AND traditional assets such as gold and silver
  2. OCTION will incorporate an insurance function, called the OCTION Positional Shield, which will offer Holders the ability to expire their options contracts early to get back part of the premiums previously paid to buy the options contract
  3. OCTION will offer BOTH American and European options, whilst most competitors typically only offer either one of these option types

Layer 3 Comparison: OCTION vs Ethereum-based Options Trading Dapps

  1. Being built on the Binance Smart Chain, OCTION helps overcome a current weakness of the Ethereum Chain, high gas fees and slow transaction times. In several scenarios tested by the OCTION team, there are situations where the amount of gas fees paid to purchase an options contract could be higher than the actual cost of purchasing an options contract.
  2. All advantages detailed in the Layer 2 Comparison is also applicable in the Layer 3 Comparison.

For all recent announcements and updates on OCTION, connect with us at:

Twitter: https://twitter/com/octionofficial
Telegram: https://t.me/octionofficial
Website: http://oction.io/
Medium: http://octionofficial.medium.com

World’s 1st CeDefi Options Trading Platform built on the Binance Smart Chain

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